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Pet Lover Shares Useful Tips on Preparing a Pet for a New Family Member

Max Polyakov and Amelia are pet lovers who have fifteen animals. They were happy to live with their cats, dogs, parrots, and hamsters. However, when Amelia got pregnant and a baby appeared in the house, one of their dogs changed its behavior. Max Polyakov’s Eos became jealous and aggressive. A family had to give the dog to other loving people.

After that Max Polyakov gathered some tips on preparing an animal for baby’s arrival in order to avoid such unpleasant situations. Here is the useful information he wants to share with others.

Pet Lover Shares Useful Tips on Preparing a Pet for a New Family Member

Early Preparation

It is better to start preparation during pregnancy. Visit a vet to make sure a pet has all the necessary vaccinations and is healthy. Cut your cat’s claw to avoid scratching. Do all the recommended procedures to make sure baby can contact a pet safely.


Max Polyakov recommends teaching your pet basic commands. You may do it yourself or use the help of a professional. If you start training in advance, you will be able to get rid of all the animal’s bad habits. It will help a pet to be more obedient and confident. You will be able to understand each other better.

Introduce Children to a Pet

According to Max Polyakov, a pet can be aggressive towards children because he did not have much experience with them. Invite your friends who have children and let your pet play with them. You will see how a pet reacts to the little ones. In case, there are some bad reactions, you will have time to consult a professional and learn your pet how to behave with children.

Prepare Pet’s Safe Place

A pet should have its own safe place in the house where he can hide from all the irritations. It is especially important when you live with a baby. Make sure to prepare a comfortable place for your pet where no one would disturb him.

Exploring Baby’s Stuff

You are likely to start preparing a room for a baby, buying new furniture and clothes. Let your pet explore the new things and get used to them. However, do not let a pet to sleep in the baby’s bed. Find a distant place for dirty diapers container. Your pet should not be able to reach it.

Control the Level of Attention

You will pay less attention to your pet when the baby arrives. Max Polyakov says that it is important to make your pet more independent. Spend as much time with your pet as you will when the baby is born. This way the low level of attention will not be sudden stress for a pet.

These are the basic tips that can prepare your pet for a new family member. All of them are based on personal experience of Max Polyakov and his wife.

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