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Max Polyakov on How to Make Pets Adapt to a Newborn

How you can prevent your pets from rejecting a baby

Max Polyakov on How to Make Pets Adapt to a Newborn

Max Polyakov believes that if he had prepared his pet for the baby it would never have reacted the way it did. He is advising every family that is living with pets and is expecting a child to consider training them. The training should give the pets skills which will enable them know how to behave in various circumstances.

Max Polyakov suggests starting the training by considering the things that are likely to change when a baby comes. This means the training must take place before the baby is born.

For instance, the place where the baby will be sleeping should be peaceful. This means pets should not go near that places and so they should be taught that before the baby arrives.

Also, babies likes touching things carelessly. The pets should be desensitized to careless touching to prevent them from reacting violently when the baby touches them.

Expert trainers

Max Polyakov also recommends seeking professional help if you are unable to give your pets the required training. You can get a good animal trainer at animal organizations; there are even many animal coaching website where you can find one. Max Polyakov however discourages believing that any animal trainer can suite your pet. Ensure the trainer you choose is experienced and will know how to handle your pet the right way.

Max Polyakov also suggests that pet owners should consider getting training skills which will enable them train the pets on their own. This is much better that wasting money hiring a professional trainer who might end up being the wrong trainer for your pet.

Other preparations

Apart from training pets to feel comfortable when a baby arrives, Max Polyakov also suggests that people should ensure that the surrounding of their home is safe for a child. He even recommends designing a playground within the home in a place where you can watch the baby as you engage in other things.


Max Polyakov is satisfied that his advice will make things easier at home when a baby arrives. He also adds that everyone in a home must adjust to any changes that take place since that can also contribute to the pets feeling comfortable. Visit and learn more about about making the home safe for babies.

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